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The mission of Happy Home Roofing is to provide the highest degree of personal service, expert workmanship, and total transparency to property owners. We strive to educate customers on every aspect of their roofing needs, and on the careful process we take to address those needs. A roof repair or replacement by Happy Home will always be based on accurate specifications, a detailed quote, and fair pricing. With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. 

Shingle Roofing
  • The nations most popular roofing option due to the many advantages of an asphalt shingle roof
  • Happy Home proudly offers Atlas Roofing shingles in a variety of options to meet your needs
  • From value to premium and even a designer option, asphalt shingles can complement the aesthetics of your home
  • Our premium and designer options offer extended premium protection periods included with a full system installation
  • For your convenience we register the manufacturer warranty and provide a lifetime workmanship warranty
  • Peace of Mind with annual inspections of proper performance and recommended maintenance items
Atlas Roofing
Copper Cat

Shingle Roofing guide

step 1: What are you looking for?

Asphalt shingles are by far the most common and cost-effective option in the roofing market. We offer products with a range of price and durability. Knowing what is important to you will allow our consultant to make the right recommendations.

step 2: It is a System

When you replace your roof, it is a full system and not simply new shingles. We ensure your new roof includes flashing, ice and water shield, underlayment, proper starter strips, shingles, hip and ridge shingles.

step 3: Details Matter

Two of the most common causes of roof failure (and future repair cost) are the vent pipe boots and nail pops. We address both issues with our lifetime boots and ring shank nails.

step 4: Finding the right contractor

While many contractors offer the same brand of shingles (there are typically 4 to 6 that are common in any region), the process for installation and support they offer will vary greatly.

step 5: Brand Expertise

You need a contractor that works with no more than one or two shingle brands. Your roofer should be an expert on both processes and products.

step 6: Why Atlas?

Happy Home proudly offers Atlas Roofing Shingles as the best solution for most clients looking for an asphalt roofing system. Atlas offers an aggressive sealant line, larger common bond in the nailing zone, thoughtful product designs, premium options, and the option to include Scotchgard with various lines guaranteeing a lifetime of streak free performance.