Service details

The mission of Happy Home Roofing is to provide the highest degree of personal service, expert workmanship, and total transparency to property owners. We strive to educate customers on every aspect of their roofing needs, and on the careful process we take to address those needs. A roof repair or replacement by Happy Home will always be based on accurate specifications, a detailed quote, and fair pricing. With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. 

Roof Repair
  • We inspect the issue and look for potential related issues that may have been created
  • Advise you of the options for repair or replacement
  • If repairable, we replace the impacted area to maximize performance and roof life

Roof repair Process

step 1: Schedule an Inspection

You can complete the online form to schedule directly or call the office.

step 2: Inspection

When inspecting, our goal is to offer a solution that will properly solve the issue. If the roof is not repairable, we will look at replacement options.

step 3: Repair Is Scheduled

We will order materials and schedule a time to perform a timely repair that is convenient for your schedule.

step 4: Follow-up

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. We offer a workmanship[MC1]  warranty, because we want to be your roofer for life.