Service details

The mission of Happy Home Roofing is to provide the highest degree of personal service, expert workmanship, and total transparency to property owners. We strive to educate customers on every aspect of their roofing needs, and on the careful process we take to address those needs. A roof repair or replacement by Happy Home will always be based on accurate specifications, a detailed quote, and fair pricing. With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. 

Roof Maintenance
  • This option is most popular with homes for sale, recently purchased, or where the history of the roof may be unknown
  • We inspect the full system and provide a written report summarizing issues and some insights into the roof life
  • Recommendations are made for future options when replacement or repairs may be needed
  • Your roof will have minor issues addressed or repair or replacement options may also be recommended

Roof maintenance Process

If you have recently bought or listed your home or you are planning those events, this is a common request. However, we will provide a free inspection for any home related to roofing quality and provide a report to the homeowner with our findings. Our free report will provide insight into various aspects of your roofing system with recommendations of repair needs or replacement requirements.

step 1: Schedule An Appointment

We recommend calling the office for this service for us to understand the issues and schedule an inspection.

step 2: Upon Receiving The Report

Once you have a detailed explanation of what service is recommended, you can properly plan for your home’s future by scheduling necessary work, or you can sleep easy knowing no issues were identified.