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The mission of Happy Home Roofing is to provide the highest degree of personal service, expert workmanship, and total transparency to property owners. We strive to educate customers on every aspect of their roofing needs, and on the careful process we take to address those needs. A roof repair or replacement by Happy Home will always be based on accurate specifications, a detailed quote, and fair pricing. With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. 

Metal Roofing
  • Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing options, both nationally and locally
  • We proudly offer two options, a painted metal roof (standing seam) and a stone coated metal roofing system
  • The key to durability with a metal roofing system is the concealed fastener design and quality of the metal panels
  • Metal has many advantages, but also many factors to be addressed in the design to ensure proper performance
  • Stone Coated metal roofing systems offer a more traditional look and advantages in maintenance over other forms of roofing systems
  • Installation includes a full tear off to ensure a proper foundation for your new roof, and each component is installed with the intention of lasting 50 plus years
Tilcor Roofing Systems - Metal Roofing

metal Roofing guide

step 1: The popular Choice?

Metal roofs are growing in popularity. Homeowners are looking for a lifetime solution, but not all metal roofs are equal in performance.

step 2: Various Options

The low-cost metal option is called “exposed fastener” (screw down or tin) metal roofing system. Two better options are standing seam painted metal roof with concealed fasteners or stone-coated metal panel that looks like a traditional shingle roof.

step 3: Some Major Considerations

Metal roofing systems have far fewer experienced installers and often have limited warranty coverage that may confuse a consumer. Happy Home only recommends and installs systems with concealed fasteners due to the performance, long-life expectancy, and historical benefits for our clients.

step 4: What To Expect

While a stone-coated metal roofing system is a slower installation process, the process is very similar to a shingle roof. A full tear off is completed to inspect the decking, full underlayment is installed, and then the new Tilcor roofing system is installed for a complete system.