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We understand that roofing can be an overwhelming and intimidating element of your home. Our team at Happy Home Roofing prioritize transparency and communication (without all the jargon).

We will guide you through each phase of the process, from selecting the roofing materials to registering your warranty. By choosing our local roofing company in Greencastle to handle your roofing concerns, you are becoming a member of our team – for life.

You’ve made the tough decision to address your roofing issues so sit back and relax – we’ll handle all the stress from here.

How it Works

We live and breathe roofing. Seriously, we do. Although it’s not usually a glamorous home improvement, we are proud to be apart of the excitement. Celebrating a flawless roof replacement with a client is our top-priority! Transparency, Excellence, and Growth are the core values of Happy Home Roofing and we carry that through the process. This is an experience that will not only protect your home from major water damage, but will make you proud knowing you made the right choice in selecting us as your roofing contractor in Greencastle.

Curious to how the process will work? Well, after you schedule your consultation it’s quite simple:

Design your roofing system

Experience the highest quality of install

Be our client for life

Find the Best Fit for Your Home

Roof Replacement

Over the years, roofing materials begin to deteriorate, break and even fall off. Every day you ignore the issues with your current roof, you are allowing the possibility of major damage into your home. If your roof is showing major signs of damage that cannot be fixed with a few minor Band-Aids, we suggest looking into a roof replacement.

By choosing to replace your current roof with our seven layers of protection (view our roofing process), you are choosing a happy home.

roof replacement

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Roof Repair

Will you fix minor roof damage? Absolutely! A full roof replacement is an investment we want you to save if you can. Our roofing experts will come to your home to complete a thorough evaluation of your current roofing concerns. We will explain your current status and guide you towards your best option. If it can be fixed with a minor repair, that’s the route we would love to go! A few missing shingles or gutter damage? Not a problem – we’ll get your roof back on track.

roof repair

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Storm Restoration

In Greencastle, we experience a wide range of weather conditions such as hail, high winds, snow, thunderstorms. These are all major contributors to a failing roof. Our storm restoration team in Greencastle is here to take a roof that is beyond repair from storm damage and get insurance to pay for a full replacement. Although it is not an easy task, having an expert roofing contractor to jump through hoops for you will give you the best chance to getting insurance coverage. We have walked dozens of clients through this process and we can do it for you!

storm restoration

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ROOFING: It’s all about finding the right contractor for you.

Replacing your roof is a major undertaking for your home and selecting the best roofing contractor in Greencastle, PA should be your top priority. We all want to trust the company we hire, but how do we know? The majority of our roofing competitors in Greencastle have established their bread and butter on the presumption that what they do up on the roof is not totally understood by the homeowner. We are very much the opposite of this. We understand roofing is intimidating, but after researching the top methods to keep our clients in the loop, we have implemented various elements into our process to make things simple for you.

You will be given a website login to watch, step-by-step, your job’s progress: dozens of photos, status updates, weather reports, and more! Not only will you receive a thorough proposal that will explain the process in full (no detail left behind), but you’ll have a bird’s eye view at the click of a button.

You can breathe easier knowing you understand the roofing process and have eyes on your roof the entire time.

Want to see our client’s roofs in Greencastle?

We may not have met yet, but maybe you’ve seen one of our roofing projects around Greencastle. Just below, you will find several examples of our client’s roof replacements in Greencastle. Take a look through these happy homes and let us know what you think!

Frequently asked Questions

Yes we are! We hold licenses in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

As well, our clients are provided with a $20,000 Directorii Guarantee to ensure they are covered no matter what. If you’re looking for more information on the Directorii, it will be provided in your proposal at the consultation. 

Our license information: MHIC #120696, PA #152955, WV #WV060800

This varies greatly. Many roof replacements take one day and we are gone before dinner time! In other situations it may be multiple days due to the size and characteristics of the home. We can give you a more accurate idea when we come out for the consultation. Did you know that we measure your roof from a satellite?

One of our roofing consultants will meet with you at your home, evaluate your current roof, present you with multiple options, and walk you through the seven-step install process. We pride ourselves on thorough communication and transparency. If you have additional questions after the consultation, your client consultant will be your personal roofing guide that you can call at any time! We are here to answer all your roofing questions!

It’s no secret that a roof replacement can be a pretty penny. But don’t worry we have options to make it affordable! Not only do we provide several pricing options to find the perfect fit for your home and budget, but we also offer financing for roof replacements.

In almost every situation, the answer is “no”. In fact, many homeowners prefer to not hear the footsteps and nailing throughout the day – it can be annoying. And don’t forget about your pets! It can be stressful for animals to hear loud, unfamiliar noises from the roof. 

If you prefer not to be home during the installation, we provide regular updates so you can see the progress on your roof (you’ll receive the link provided at your initial consultation). Dozens and dozens of photos!

You have a choice between asphalt (architectural or upgraded class 4 shingles), synthetic, or metal roofing systems. Our roofing consultant will provide you with an abundance of literature and professional expertise to guide you towards a decision that works best for you.

No, we do not offer installation only services.

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“If you are looking for a quality, affordable, professional roofing company, you just found it. Look no further. Their knowledge, patience and kindness was indeed impressive. I truly cannot say enough good things about them any my experience. So if you want to be a happy customer, call Happy Home and let them take care of your roofing needs.”

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