We specialize in residential roofing replacements and repairs. Our clients can select from asphalt, synthetic, or metal roofing systems.

There are several factors in determining the best course of action for your situation. Age, overall condition, and extent of the damage will all factor into your options and what we are likely to recommend.

Problems are often not noticed until they have been active for quite some time. We offer a detailed roof inspection to give a comprehensive analysis of the overall health and recommended maintenance items for your roofing system. Common issues like leaks and blow offs can sometimes be prevented with a little maintenance. Also, a replacement prior to interior damage is sometimes recommended simply due to age and overall condition.

You have a choice between asphalt (architectural or upgraded class 4 shingles), synthetic, or metal roofing systems. We also offer several financing options to allow homeowners the flexibility to make the right decision for their unique needs.

We collect a nominal $50 deposit for all replacement work. Beyond that, it depends if you are opting for a cash payment or utilize financing. We may require up to a 50% deposit for special order systems 2 weeks prior to installation beginning. With financing, you are often done with your obligation and we work directly with the finance company to collect payment on the contract.

The answer is simply, yes. In some cases we have an employee crew that performs the replacements. However, we also work with a short list of trusted and experienced subcontractors that work with Happy Home. While subcontractors are often looked at as a less desirable option, we often find that the top subcontractors are in such high demand and operate as a business and thus refuse an offer of full time employment. Working with a top notch subcontractor is not a sacrifice in quality for your home.

In almost every situation, the answer is “no”. In fact, many homeowners prefer to not hear the footsteps and nailing throughout the day. We also recommend you consider pets in this decision to relieve stress from new noises. Finally, we maintain communication and updates so you can see the progress on your roofing installation by updating the link provided at our initial consultation. You will have real time updates to see the progress and status of your home being completed.

No, we do not offer installation only services. We have worked hard to find the manufacturers we partner with and are exclusive to those brands. We are often able to find savings on materials and delivery charges by working with our supplier directly.

If you would like a detailed roof inspection, we offer a full analysis of your current situation as a standard service ($249, credited towards a repair or replacement if we perform that work). Once we install your new roofing system, we will perform a yearly checkup to ensure any issues are noted and maintenance can be recommended. The year prior to your manufacturer warranty full system coverage expiring, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure there is no opportunity for a warranty claim.

Of course, and we can provide those based upon your situation (location and system you are considering). We would also recommend homeowners consider speaking with suppliers, manufacturer representatives, and look at the Roofing Insights directory when considering the company you hire for your new roofing system. Lastly, check out our reviews page where we list Google and Facebook reviews, or even visit our page on the Better Business Bureau.

While this answer is going to vary based upon your location and even the surroundings of your property, we see this as a significant area of confusion for homeowners. We would note that while many shingles are advertised as 50 year or lifetime shingles, we do not believe that to be a realistic claim (and in fact that is only a defect warranty). A high grade architectural shingle should last 25 to 30 plus years. A synthetic or metal roofing system should live up to that 50 year plus lifetime that many homeowners are hearing of these days. The limiting factor for most roofing systems is not the shingles, but it is the support materials (nails, boots, flashing, and underlayment) and the installation quality.

Licensing should be the bare minimum to even offer services (in fact legally, it is). As we grow to new service areas, proper licensing and insurance is required prior to seeking our first client.

The ideal time is during a time of minimal precipitation and temperatures above 45 degrees with consistent sun exposure. Outside of these conditions, precautions can be made to ensure a proper installation. Some materials are less responsive in lower temperatures and will require custom installation processes to be performed. Unfortunately, that often results in additional materials and a slower process which translates to a more expensive installation.

Call or text us, or you can fill out our inquiry form and our team will respond quickly (generally within 2 business hours).

This varies greatly. Many homes are one day and we are gone before dinner time. In other situations it may be multiple days due to the size and characteristics of the home. We can give you a more accurate idea when we see the details of your installation.

This answer is again, both a yes and a no. While new shingles are not likely to make a huge impact in what you see in your utility bill, addressing ventilation needs with your new roofing system could be a significant change. Survey’s show that 3 in 4 homes are not properly ventilated. We insist on proper ventilation to ensure manufacturer warranties are valid and shingle life is extended. The final benefit of proper ventilation is utility savings, often reporting savings of 8 to 20 percent.