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Founded in 2001, Leaf Solution is a family-run company that started in the gutter business and then pioneered gutter guards.

Experienced in virtually every variety of gutter guard, Leaf Solution’s evolution has resulted in 2 proven types – mesh and perforated – for every application and budget.

These American-made products are manufactured to such high-quality standards, they are backed with an exclusive 20-year warranty.

Leaf Solution
  • Prevents gutters from getting clogged
  • Helps prevent water stagnation and infestation
  • Keeps dry debris out of gutters that can be a fire hazard
  • Helps prevent serious damage from ice damming
  • No need to climb on top of your roof to dangerously clean your clogged and dirty gutters
  • Keeps out common debris such as leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, nests, rodents, pollen, oak tassels, tasphalt grit, roof granules and more.