4 Main factors of roofing estimates

Shingle selection

This makes up about 25% of the cost of a roof, but could be more. This does not include all of the building materials and will vary depending on the quality of shingles chosen for the project.

Material requirements

This can make up around 20%-25% of the cost of a roof. Materials are additional to the shingles and can include a variety of things such as ice and water shield, starter shingles, ventilation, underlayment, hip and ridge shingles, nails and more!


This usually accounts for around 25%-30% of the cost. This cost is usually somewhat consistent whereas costs like shingles are variable. We recommend paying market rate as lower cost companies may not be as experienced or skilled.


Company overhead runs around 25%-30% of the cost of the project. This covers things like license, insurance, project management, customer service and more.