Have you heard that the issue with your roof is due to high nailing?

Not only does this create problems with the function and performance of your roofing system, but this will typically void your manufacturer warranty.

In this video Happy Home Roofing shows you why high nailing leaves your roof vulnerable to issues with wind and water in the future.

By design, your shingle should be held to the roof in 3 places:

  1. At the lowest point where the face connects to the shingle below it on your roof
  2. in the designated nail strip on the shingle being installed
  3. as the shingle above is installed the nail strip being fastened to the decking will also penetrate the top of the shingle just installed below.

This gives you 3 levels of attachment for each shingle to the roofing system.

Ensure you find a quality roofing company to stand behind their workmanship and that they have the knowledge to properly install your new roofing system.