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When you think of exceptional customer service, do you think of the construction industry? Doubtful.

It’s time we change that.
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Company Cam

Our clients receive a link to a timeline of all photos taken. What we see is what they’ll see.

Catch-All System

Protecting the client’s home exterior, landscaping, and property is our top priority.

tips & tricks:

Start at the Beginning.

There are various ways a client can reach your business: by phone, website, business card, billboard, etc. Think of yourself as the client and what it’s like contacting your company through every possible avenue. Does the ‘Contact Us’ button work on your website? How many times does your phone ring before you answer? Start at the beginning.

Make the Client the Hero.

Are you saying “we” or “I” often? Make it about the client instead. Here’s an example: Instead of “we clean up great”, try “your home will be spotless”. See how it’s about the client instead of the company? It’s a simple change for you, but a major difference to the client. (Check out Donald Miller’s podcast “Business Made Simple”)

Take Notes and REMEMBER.

If the client mentions they have a child in the first conversation, make a note. Have the sales consultant take a coloring book or a bag of M&Ms to the appointment. Listen to their problems and their celebrations then repeat those back to them throughout the entire process. Don’t we all just want to be understood?

Customize to Each Person.

There are many types of people out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to our main four characters: the Driver, the Emotional, the Trusting, the Analytical. It is our job to identify the type of person to customize the experience to best fit them. For instance, a free shirt may be nice to a trusting decision maker, but the analytical type might see dollar signs. What type of decision maker are you?

happy roofing client

“If you are looking for a quality, affordable, professional roofing company, you just found it. Look no further. Their knowledge, patience and kindness was indeed impressive. I truly cannot say enough good things about them any my experience. So if you want to be a happy customer, call Happy Home and let them take care of your roofing needs.”

Chris Guyton

Happy client in 2021

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